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Christian Basics

This is a study not only for beginners, but for all of us who need renewal in the basic subjects of the faith.  What it means to be a Christian; a life of Faith and Trust; the importance of studying the Scripture; the persons of God, the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; a study of new life and new relationships.  Also a study of new walk and new ways; lessons on submission and serving, opposition and trial, prayer, the world and witness, spiritual gifts and fruit bearing, and what it is to live in a loving family. 

Christian Leadership

A study in servant-hood.  The privilege of leadership, the call to it, the potential for it, marks of a leader, the qualities of a leader, discipline in the life of a leader, the cost and responsibilities of leadership, and the perils of it.  The people we lead, and the rewards of leadership.

Praise Her in the Gates (A Study of Women in the Bible)

This series uses Proverbs 31:10-31 (Amplified Old Testament) as an outline.  It's phrases lead to a study of women in the Bible who exemplified those statements.  "Her clothing is silk and purple," is the statement preceding the study of Queen Esther.  This series looks at most of the women in the Bible.

The Emmaus Lesson (A study of Jesus in the Old Testament)

What was it like on that Emmaus Road in Luke 24 to be taught by Jesus out of the Old Testament the things pertaining to Himself?  This series examines those things Jesus might have shown them, and the disciples in the upper room after His resurrection.  This is the author's favorite series.
Women of the Old Testament 
From Eve to the Shulamite Maiden of the Song of Solomon, from Sarah to Esther, the Queen, these are 19 lessons that give us insight into how much the Lord loves women.  How refreshing it is to simply focus on the wonderful women of God's word.
Women of the New Testament 
Beginning with Elizabeth we follow the women through the New Testament.  So many of them were involved with Jesus in His life.  What a joy to see how He loved them.  How faithful they were to Him.  This series carries on, then, into the ministry of the apostles in the book of Acts and elsewhere.  Learn how Jesus loved the women.

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