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Christian Walk, Part I

The Christian Walk Part I just scratches the surface on issues vital to walking with God.  But our prayer is that this series will help each of us to take the next step in our Christian Walk.  Part I - Walking In His Spirit, In His Presence, In His Cleansing, In His Sovereignty, In His Footsteps, In His blessing.  "The one who walks with God always gets to HIS destination."

Christian Walk, Part II

Walking with Others  - is an important aspect of the Christian life.  This series examines what it is to walk in love, in humility, in faithfulness, as an under-shepherd, and in Christian Experience.

Doctrine of Angels

The Doctrine of Angels does not appear in any one section of Scripture, but must be gleaned from a variety of passages in many books.  therefore, you will find this study a "search" extracting bits and pieces of information, adding it to other bits and pieces until God's revelation of angels comes together.  Enjoy the many references.  Take time to read them in context, and see how God has used angels from the garden in Genesis 3 to the final conflict in the book of Revelation.  Study Ranks of Angels, their Characteristics, Fallen Angels, Angel Responsibilities.  Angels in Old and New Testaments.

Finding Comfort

Life is sometimes painful and difficult.  David learned to comfort himself in the Lord.  So should we.  In this series we examine our need for comfort as well as sources of comfort. 

Learning to Worship

Worship is that which takes place within us that causes us to love God more and more.  In this series we define worship, consider God's requirements for worship; elements of worship, and consider the environment and attitudes for worship.

Name of the Lord

This series investigates Biblical incidents where the Lord was given a special "Jehovah" name that revealed something special about Himself.   We will attempt to define the name from the passage, see how He received it, and then seek to apply the concept to our everyday lives.


This series begins with an examination of the One to whom we pray.  The series investigates various aspects of prayer, praise, thanksgiving, the necessity of prayer, the privilege of prayer, the blessing of intercession, and the practice of praying.

Seasons of Life

Seasonal issues on life's journey, spring seasons of beginning and blessing; spring seasons of promise and growth; summer seasons of feeding and growing; the activity of summer seasons, autumn seasons of fruit bearing, winter seasons of trial and suffering, winter seasons of endurance and hope.
The Christian and the Tongue 
Five lessons on how to solve the problems we have with our speech: swearing, gossip, slander, lying.  Where do these things originate?  What are the positive uses of our mouths?  A very practical little study.
The Christian and the World 
A six lesson series on being in the world, but not of the world.  What is the Christian's role in the world?  How can we be "in" the world and yet not "of" the world?  What is God's concern for our world. 
Conquering Anger and Depression (with understanding and confidence) 
We are emotional beings, but some times our emotions can get us into trouble.  This six lesson series is very practical in teaching us how to handle our anger in the Lord.  It also teaches us about the place of anger in our struggle with depression.  Helpful personally, but also in working with others
Mastering Fear and Anxiety (with faith and courage) 
This is an 8 lesson series on overcoming our fears.  The Bible has a lot to teach us about fear.  How do we overcome it with faith and courage?  Without that overcoming we can be rendered useless in our ministries.  We learn that our fears make us anxious, and here again our anxieties can lead us into depression.  Another very practical study of a very common problem.
Overcoming Burnout and Stress (with balance and strength) 
How do we become strong in the Lord?  When life is so busy, how do we learn to cope?  Oswald Chambers says, "Spiritual exhaustion is never the result of sin, but of service."  (My Utmost for His Highest).  Even in the Christian service that we love, we can become over stressed.  And how about that secular job!!  How do we cope?  How do we overcome the guilt that often goes with it all?  Seven lessons to help you and others.

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