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News from Honeycomb Studies

April 2010


hat a blessing it is to be in God’s Word! Even though our days tend to be very full we are never disappointed when we spend the time in personal bible study. We trust God is meeting you as you study and we hope you’ll continue to stay the course. Our prayer is that Honeycomb Studies can be a tool to help further your growth and foster a deeper relationship with God.

            A big thank you to all of you for your continued support of Honeycomb Studies.  As many of you know when Joan passed away we were unsure of how we would continue.  The Lord is so good and we’ve continued to see His hand in the ongoing ministry of Honeycomb Studies.  We really appreciate all the kind words and support as we’ve move forward.  What a blessing you have been to us! 

            At the beginning of this year we were faced with a few challenges, and now we  have to begin to address them.  Due to the economy taking the turns it has, our printer has significantly raised it’s prices.   As a result we are having to make some changes in our own pricing.    As you know, we’ve always looked at Honeycomb Studies as a ministry opportunity and so we’ve attempted to keep our pricing low.  In fact, we have not had a price increase in 8 years if you can believe that!  As a result of all this, we will be increasing our pricing by $3.00 on our Full-series and $2.00 on our Mini-series studies.  Additionally,  our Answer  and Summary Suggestions will increase by approx. $1.00.  Taking effect 5/1.

            We also are taking a major hit in our shipping.  Because of that, we are investigating additional ways to ship other than UPS.  We are looking at the possibility of shipping smaller orders via USPS.  We will keep you posted on this.  At this time we’ve only made slight adjustments to our shipping prices. These changes are on our website.

We thank you in advance for your understanding in all of this and look forward to continueing in this ministry with with you.        

            Becky & Mark Fredrickson


Notes and Updates


OUR OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED JULY 17-JULY 31.  Please plan your Fall ordering with this in mind.  We ask that you please allow 2 weeks for delivery of your order.




            We accept payment through PayPal, so you can  use your credit card.  We currently only      accept credit cards online though. 

EMAIL-- info@honeycombstudies.com


            We continue to bill those customers who prefer to order over the phone or through email.  I am often available to speak on the phone between 1:00-5:00pm (PT).  Feel free to leave a message with your order and I will try to return your email/call as soon as possible.  I check both throughout the day and find this to be a great way to keep in touch.


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